Gruen~Gow Memorial
Critical Incident Stress Management Team


Crisis Intervention:  Emotional "First Aid" not Therapy
  1. Pre-Incident Education Training
    - Provides Stress Management Techniques - Provides information on the available resources of the team - Discussion of the expectations of the different interventions.
  2. Psychological First Aid (PFA)
    - Provided during an incident or disaster. - Meet physical needs (warmth, shelter, food, water, etc.) of those affected. - Meet basic psychological needs for safety and information for those affected. - Meet the needs for interpersonal support (family, friends, etc.) for those affected. - Provide education on stress management.
  3. One-on-One
    - Intervention for an affected person if still needed after a formal program. - For those who may need a referral assessment. - For those who do not like groups or would rather talk one-on-one.
  4. Crisis Management Briefing (CMB)
    - Most often used for large groups of civilians. - Used to control any rumors by offering facts. - Occurs after the first exposure up to weeks after the incident. - Program usually lasts 45-75 minutes.
  5. Demobilization
    - Used for large groups of emergency response personnel after a disasters/large scale incidents. - Occurs immediately after exposure, before going home, and after being on scene for a great length of time. - Usually consists of a period of 10 minutes to talk and 10 minutes to rest.
  6. Defusing
    - Designed for small groups to "take the edge off" from the incident. - Program occurs within hours of the incident. - Done when the group is in shock, raw, numb, and are ready to vent. - Program usually lasts 45-90 minutes.
  7. Debriefing
    - Completed after the affected person's defense mechanisms have begun to set in. - Best results when done 24-72 hours post incident (may be done later if needed). - Program usually lasts 1-3 hours. - Not a critique or investigation.
  8. Referrals for Additional Services
    - Medical Needs - Psychological Needs - Pastoral Care - Special Needs
All programs are designed to be completely confidential.