Gruen~Gow Memorial
Critical Incident Stress Management Team

The Gruen-Gow Memorial CISM Team supports Emergency Services within Northeastern Pennsylvania.

The team is currently comprised of both peer and mental health professional members trained in

Individual & Peer Crisis Intervention as well as Group Crisis Intervention. 
Most team members are also certified in Psychological First Aid.  Many team members also hold advanced certifications. 

The team consists of Fire, EMS, Law Enforcement, Dispatchers, Nursing staff, and Mental Health Professionals and is nationally accredited through the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation (ICISF).

The Gruen-Gow Memorial CISM Team was formed in April of 2014 by the Wyoming County EMS Consortium after a need was made evident following three line of duty deaths within that year in Wyoming County organizations.

The team was named for the two providers who died in the line of duty within Wyoming County itself due to the amount of impact that was felt by our providers as a whole.  This CISM Team is named for Thomas Gruen, Rescue Lieutenant of Tunkhannock Community Ambulance Association and Russell Gow, Assistant Fire Chief of Factoryville Fire Company.

The team was designed to support Wyoming County Emergency Services however early on we learned that assistance was needed throughout our region and we also needed support from outside of our county.

Unfortunately there continues to be little to no funding for our team.  The team was initially funded by individual Wyoming County organizations sending providers for training.  Eastern PA EMS Regional CISM team graciously assisted in all efforts of building a foundation for our multidisciplinary team.

We are always in need of additional peer members and mental health professionals.  For additional information on membership or to schedule Pre-Incident Educational opportunities for your organization please email us at [email protected].